Ultrasonic antifouling kit for boats

Nov 15, 2021 | Antifouling Tips

If you’re looking for an ultrasonic antifouling kit for your boat, then you are in the right place. If you already know which ultrasonic antifouling system you need, then head straight to our shop. If you want to know all about the different types of ultrasonic antifouling systems we have, then read on. We will go over the kits to help you decide which will best suit your boat.

Why ultrasonic antifouling?

Ultrasonic antifouling is the environmentally friendly alternative to traditional antifouling paint as it contains no biocides that are harmful to marine life and can build up in the food chain. EFC uses pulses of Ultrasonic frequencies to deter microorganisms from attaching themselves to your motorboat or sailboats hull, this then prevents larger organisms such as barnacles and other marine foul from attaching.

Preventing this build-up of marine foul on your boat hull provides improved hull performance, increasing fuel efficiency, handling and allowing you to reach higher speeds, as well as increasing the lifespan of the boat’s hull. You can read more about the benefits of ultrasonic antifouling compared to traditional products over on our antifouling blog.

How does the electronic antifouling work

Ultrasonic high-frequency waves are delivered to the boat hull through a series of transducers mounted to the inside of the bilge area. This means no through-hull drilling is required and mitigates the risk of any damage to the hull.

The transducers are connected to a control unit that is intelligently controlled to ensure the optimum power (12v/24v or 110V – 240V) is supplied for maximum cleaning efficiency and to minimise power consumption. The pulsing of the transducers creates areas of negative pressure and positive pressure resulting in micro jets and tiny bubbles surrounding the boat hull. This pulsing effectively creates an invisible shield around the boat hull, protecting it from these microorganisms commonly referred to as Bio-foul destroying single-cell algae and other microorganisms.

Our electronic fouling control products

Our electronic fouling control products come in several different sizes to suit different types of boat.


EFC 100


This is the smallest product we have available with just a single transducer to be fitted to the boat hull. It costs £1257.50 + VAT and includes everything you will need to install the product yourself.


EFC 200

This is another of our smaller kits, containing two transducers that emit the ultrasonic pulses that prevent marine growth. It is recommended that you install our EFC200 system on boats less than 10m (32 feet) in length. For catamarans of the same length, you will require two separate EFC200 kits.

The EFC200 kit costs £1382.50 + VAT and includes everything you will need to install the product yourself.


EFC 300

The EFC300 kit is recommended for larger boats between 10 and 20m in length (32-65ft). It uses three hull-mounted transducers which emit ultrasonic pulses to prevent marine growth. Once again, for catamarans, you will need a separate kit for each hull.

The EFC300 kit costs £1757.50 + VAT and includes everything you will need to install the product yourself.


You can also purchase an additional solar power kit for £358.33 + VAT to power our EFC100 and EFC200 electronic fouling systems.

Solar Kit

Larger boats

For all boats greater than 20m (65ft), commercial vessels and sea chest and pipes, please contact us so we can advise you on the ultrasonic system you will need based on the individual boat. For larger vessels, we have several larger ultrasonic antifouling kits available to prevent marine growth and maintain a clean hull.

Our EFC600 includes six transducers alongside a single intelligent control unit and costs £3505 + VAT.

EFC 600

Our EFC900 includes nine transducers alongside two intelligent control units and costs £5252.50 + VAT.

EFC 900

Our EFC1200 includes 12 transducers alongside two larger intelligent control systems and costs £7000 + VAT.

EFC 1200

Our full product range and all the details of each of the products can be viewed in our brochure or directly via the shop.

The hull material of your boat is also key to consider. Our systems work well on steel and fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) or fibreglass hulled boats, ultrasonic antifouling cannot be used on wooden or cored hulls. Wooden or cored hulls prevent the transfer of ultrasonic energy and therefore is no longer sufficient to prevent the attachment of algae and other marine life.

When installing the transducers on the surface of the hull using the epoxy resin glue you must make sure they are in the correct position on the vessel for maximum effectiveness and do not trap any bubbles.

If you have any questions about installation or about the components of our products themselves please do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to help.